Polished Concrete | Grind & Seal | Epoxy Coatings | Anti Slip Treatments | Bluestone Treatments

Polished Concrete | Grind & Seal | Epoxy Coatings | Anti Slip Treatments | Bluestone Treatments

What is polished concrete

Often polished concrete is thought of as simply a shiny concrete floor. This is the case, but there are to methods for achieving a high gloss concrete floor.

Maintaining polished concrete

Unlike traditional floor finishes, such as carpet or vinyl tile, polished concrete does not require extensive maintenance procedures such as waxing, sealers and burnishing.

Stain resistant polished concrete when utilized correctly requires only mild, PH neutral cleaners combined with auto scrubbing to keep it clean. Periodic burnishing with commonly available diamond impregnated pads will maintain the desired gloss over an extended period of years and under heavy traffic. Diamond polished concrete results in the industry’s lowest life cycle costs.

Polished Concrete

When high clarity low maintenance is taken into consideration and the long term cost saving is accounted for clients will generally go for this option.

The concrete substrate is chemically hardened and ground with successively finer diamond Grits until a smooth, dense and abrasion resistant surface is achieved with no film forming sealers or surface coatings applied.

Mechanically polished concrete is the only renewable flooring option that can be recycled/renewed at the job site.

Grind and Seal

When price, not longevity and low maintenance, is the sole determination of product selection clients will go for a Grind and Seal.

A grind and seal is the method in which we will grind the floor to achieve the desired exposure we will then repeat this process a further 2 more times with finer diamond segments this will then be followed by 3 coats of polyurethane sealer.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are a durable hard wearing solutions for warehouses & factories and are available in a wide range of colours.

Epoxy flooring is very easy to clean and is resistant to chemical etching, stains and spills, it’s also very durable due to its ability to withstand impacts and is fire resistant. This kind of flooring is also environmentally friendly and slip resistant as well as being very affordable for large spaces.

Epoxy flooring is perfect for a whole range of applications both in commercial and industrial environments and even residential purposes. It’s safe enough to use in food preparation areas, restaurants and even laboratories as well as warehouses, garages, factories and retail spaces.

Anti Slip Treatments

It’s important to consider the safety of yourself and others, the use of anti-slip flooring on any balconies, pathways, foyers and entrance ways, walkways and wet areas can greatly reduce the risk of an accident occurring and are a specific necessity for places frequented by children and the elderly.

DFR can assess your floor and provide an anti-slip solution tailored to your unique environment, we cater to many different settings including gyms and pools, hotels and restaurants, retirement homes and child care facilities, so you can ensure a greater level of safety for all.

Bluestone Treatments

While bluestone is less absorbent than many other paving options, it’s still a wise decision to treat it to give it extra resistance to stains and wear, and to preserve its rich colouring.

Treating bluestone with a quality sealer will reduce the amount of fading and aging the stone shows, as well as protecting it from the elements and any spills or staining materials it make come into contact.